Vinyl & Ceramic Tile Removal

Floor Grinding Services are uplift and grinding experts specialising in diamond grinding of concrete fast and clean and safe removal of vinyl, ceramic and parquetry tiles.

From supermarkets to skyscrapers and corporate offices, we provide first-rate services to meet any vinyl and ceramic tile removal needs. And what´s more we are fast, efficient and clean, meaning that you won´t even need to vacuum your surface once we leave.

All our machines include world-class heavy-duty dust minimisation systems and noise minimisation so as to ensure that surrounding activities are not disturbed!

Blastrac Series Scarifier BMP335 EHY and Shotblaster 1-10 DS

The Scarifier and Shotblasters come with a number of high quality cutters designed to remove specific types of surfaces as part of any preparation, renovation, maintenance or decoration processes:

Both machines include a closed circuit system to keep the air 95% dust free! They also feature heavy weight, down-force precision technology to ensure a first-rate finish. Blastrac´s series feature easy-to-use walk-behind electric drive systems, which further ensures precision.

Tilelifter NS650

The Tilelifter NS650 is simply one most effective method of removing the majority of floor coverings in Australia today! The Tilelifter NS650 is a cost effective, fast, safe and quiet (compared to jack hammers) machine method of removing the following:

The NS650 is powered by a 4 cylinder, long revving, gas operated engine.  With its compact dimensions and a weight of just over 1000kg, the Tilelifter NS650 can fit into most lifts and through most door openings.

The NS650 can remove: Ceramic tiles at 10-35m2 per hour; Vinyl tiles or sheeting (multi-layer) at 40-100m2 per hour; and parquetry at 40-60m2 per hour.

Husqvarna PG680

With it´s various diamond “heads”, the Husqvarna  PG680 Diamond Grinder is an efficient, safe method of removing:

The Machine is electrically powered (3 phase, 32amp), and ensures a low noise output. This machine delivers the ultimate concrete surface preparation. It has been designed to fit into stand lifts and door openings.

The Husqvarna  PG680 can grind at 25-75m2 per hour, depending on the surface contamination.

The process occurs in four stages:

Floor Grinding Services operates all the way south of Sydney to Canberra and all the way north up the East Coast of New South Wales. So for any vinyl, ceramic and parquetry tile removal needs, put your trust in the versatile expertise of Floor Grinding Services and our elite collection of specially designed machines.