Removal of Traffic Lines

Floor Grinding Services are fully equipped to deal with all traffic line and road surface marking removal projects!

We only use machinery that is renowned for its quality, innovation and engineering.

Edco Traffic Line Remover

The Edco Traffic Line Remover is real “work-horse” and one of the undisputed industry champions when it comes to safe, quick and functional removal of traffic and painted and thermo plastic lines.

Edco´s Traffic Line Remover is ideal for congested or limited access areas such as busy city streets and footpaths.

The machine can be easily maneuvered from side to side by a single person for feathered-edge patterns that merge nicely with the unmarked surface areas of roads, paths and streets.  Its minimum surface penetration technology ensures excellent results on all uneven, rough, chip-and-seal asphalt services.

The Edco Traffic Line Remover uses 3-24 Bit carbide cutter assemblies and has a cutting length of 46-1/2" and width of 29.


To ensure best results, it takes more than a machine. Floor Grinding Services have experienced personnel ready to tackle any traffic line removal projects.

Floor Grind Services continues to provide traffic line removal services all across the East Coast. Contact us today to organise an assessment.