Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding has a proven record for strength, durability and cost-effectiveness for a variety of surfaces, including floors, walkways, patios and driveways. As an increasingly popular alternative, Floor grinding S ervices P ty Ltd offers a combination of durability and practicality.

Floor Grinding Services Pty Ltd specialises in all aspects of concrete grinding for floor preparation. We provide our services for structures such as supermarkets, shopping centres, office buildings, airport terminals, hospitals, automotive production facilities and retirement homes. Floor Grinding Services Pty Ltd works closely with manufacturers to provide the best solution to your flooring issues and requirements.

Our fleet of concrete grinding machines provide ingenuity by removing layers of concrete saturated with contaminates and keeping all the debris sealed in our machines’ collection systems for proper disposal.

We also provide the following concrete grinding services to our clients:

Whether your flooring is old or new, we are able to grind concrete flooring to a semi-gloss finish or a high gloss finish. The majority of our domestic, commercial and industrial clients prefer polished concrete floors as opposed to granite, marble, tile, wood floor products and vinyl. This is mainly due to the advantages offered, such as ease of maintenance, and minimal need for dry mopping.

Call Floor Grinding Services Pty Ltd now for all your one-stop floor grinding service requirements. You will notice the difference.