Concrete Cleaning

Floor Grinding Services P ty Ltd carefully investigates each concrete cleaning job and provides an accurate diagnosis prior to undertaking effective and successful cleaning.

Concrete cleaning depends on the purpose of the cleaning and on the extent of the work that needs to be done. It may entail a bucket and brush, a hammer and chisel, water-pressure and steam washing, grit blasting, chemical cleaning, flame cleaning, or special mechanical power tools.

Floor Grinding Services Pty Ltd provides environmentally friendly cleaning services for commercial properties. We specialize in the removal of oil paint and glue.

Our concrete cleaning services are suitable for concrete surfaces including footpaths, car parks, driveways, garage floors, office, showrooms and shops.

When cleaning concrete is necessary, Floor Grinding Service Pty Ltd accurately assesses the area to be treated and selects the most suitable method. The reasons for cleaning must be considered carefully because the results of methods intended to improve only the appearance can differ substantially from the results of methods designed to prepare the surface for a coating or concrete overlay.

Floor Grinding Services Pty Ltd has a variety of concrete cleaning machines available for a wide range of surface cleaning projects.

Our concrete cleaning and restoration services include:

For an accurate diagnosis and effective concrete cleaning service, contact Floor Grinding Services Pty Ltd today.