About Us

Floor Grinding Services Pty Ltd services customers in both domestic and commercial markets. Our customer's flooring needs may vary in size, shape and detail, however we strive to maintain the same level of service and quality across all projects.

We provide floor grinding services to customers in domestic, commercial and industrial settings.

Every assignment is different in size, shape and detail with differing levels of preparation required for doors, fireplaces and other ornamental features. Furthermore individual requirements for décor, colour and shade vary greatly between different projects.

Floor Grinding Services Pty Ltd has the capacity to work with major companies through to mid range and smaller businesses, as well as domestic businesses, for example landlords of local and national properties. We also provide hour services to family homes.

We guarantee to offer competitive and reliable workmanship and onsite cleanliness.

Floor Grinding Services Pty Ltd is fully compliant with all legislation and we have an extensive Health and Safety policy. We take all environmental issues seriously, including compliance to noise pollution standards.

We are proud of the working relationships we have developed with business and domestic clients alike due to our superb floor grinding service and fantastic results. W e listen to your individual flooring service needs and we give the same level of importance to all our clients.

Contact Floor Grinding Services Pty Ltd now and speak with one of our specialists about your next project.